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In compliance with ABA Standard 509, the following information about Harvard Law School and its JD Program is provided to current and prospective students. The 2019 Standard 509 Information Report (ABA Required Disclosures) is compiled from the latest (AY 2018) information submitted in the annual ABA questionnaire.

Section 509 (b): A law school shall publicly disclose on its website, in the form and manner and for the time frame designated by the Council, the following information:

1. Admissions data

2. Tuition, Fees, Living Costs, Financial Aid

3.  Conditional Scholarships

  • Financial Aid Consumer Information
  • Conditional scholarship retention data is not available because Harvard Law School does not award conditional scholarships as defined under ABA Standard 509(d).  Therefore, we do not post an ABA Conditional Scholarship Retention Worksheet.

4. Enrollment Data, Transfer, and Attrition/Graduation Rates

5. Number of Full-time and Part-time Faculty and Administrators

6.  Class Sizes, Number of Seminars, Clinical and co-curricular offerings

7. Employment Outcomes

8.  Bar Passage Rates

Section 509 (c):  A law school shall publicly disclose on its website, in a readable and comprehensive manner, the following information on a current basis:

1.  Refund Policies

2.  Curricular Offerings, Academic Calendar, and Academic Requirements

3.  Policies Regarding Transfer Credits
(i)   Information for Transfer Students
(ii)  The Law School does not have any articulation agreements with other schools.

Section 509 (d)  A law school shall distribute the data required under Standard 509(b)(3) to all applicants being offered conditional scholarships at the time the scholarship is extended.  

The ABA’s definition of a conditional scholarship is: “any financial aid award, the retention of which is dependent upon the student maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing.”  Harvard Law School does not award scholarships that are conditional on law school academic performance; therefore we do not post an ABA Conditional Scholarship Retention Worksheet.

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